Connect. Curate. Educate.

I am a justice-minded and trauma-informed educator, media maker, and writer working to de-stigmatize our cultural narratives on human sexuality, to lift the voices of the global majority and to curate a culture of justice, of empathy and of individuality through media.

As an educator.

It’s time that we, as a culture, rewrite the roles of desire, of intimacy and of pleasure. I am an advocate for accurate, comprehensive and inclusive sex education. I teach on topics including but not limited to sexual communication, BDSM / Kink, alternative relationship styles, identity and media literacy, using justice-minded and intersectional frameworks to inform my approach. Learn more ->

As a creative.

Our media reflects our understanding of the world around us. It mirrors our views on sex, relationships, politics, spirituality and violence. However, it is not simply a reflection of our society, but a catalyst for our culture. Through our media, we absorb habits of shame, miscommunication, coercion, supremacy, power imbalance and exclusivity.

My goal as a creative is to reshape the narrative of our media, to showcase the beauty of all people, and to encourage liberation through education, compassion, boundaries and consent.

As an activist.

I am the grandchild of immigrants. I am the child of artists, of intellectuals and of entrepreneurs. As a young, Queer, Neurodivergent, Afro-Latinx creative, I feel that I have a duty to myself and those who may come after me to use my voice to pay forward the hard work of those who have fought for my success.

I create to educate. I connect to learn. I strive to achieve.

What can we achieve together?

I’m happy to organize workshops, to consult on topics related to intimacy and identity, to engage in speaking opportunities and interviews, to collaborate on artistic projects and more.