Sexuality & Kink Education

Justice – Centered, Trauma – Responsive, & Inclusive Sexuality, Kink & Identity Education

Envisioning a world free from systemic erotophobia.

  • …as a sexuality professional, I work toward a goal that is not achievable. I strive for a vision for the future where conversations around sexuality are plentiful, where comprehensive, inclusive and pleasure-based sexuality education is accessible for all people of all ages, and where the erotic is revered in all of it’s forms. It’s a…

Developed Curriculum

Disability Justice & Accessibility

Exploring the history and principles of the liberation framework Disability Justice (developed by Sins Invalid) and discovering ways to apply the framework to identity, interpersonal relationships, workplaces, communities of care and to our media.

Racial Justice & Intersectionality

Analyzing our relationship to power, to our identities and to systems of oppression through the lens of Racial Justice using an Intersectional approach that consciously preserves the work and histories of those racial justice scholars with multiple marginalized identities.

Trauma Responsiveness
& Transformative Justice

Identifying & applying the principles of Trauma Responsiveness developed by Mx. Chelsey Morgan & Nadia K. Maynard, which use the frameworks of healing justice, transformative justice and others to curate trauma responsive and radically compassionate spaces.

BDSM & Kink

Discovering the expansive ways to explore our erotic selves through the lens of BDSM / Kink while unpacking frameworks of informed consent, building an awareness of our bodymind needs and desires and while maximizing our physical safety, accessibility and compassionate interdependence.

Non-Monogamy & Polyamory

Using tools for introspection to analyze our relationship to our attraction, to jealousy, to love and to each other in order to curate relationships that exist outside of mono-normative expectations. Exploring decolonizing our relationships and moving into an expansive space of erotic freedom.

Queer Theory & Identity

The world of sexual freedom, of justice, of liberation and of exploration is a world built on a foundation of queerness. Exploring the role queerness has played in shaping our history is innately a step toward undoing the erasure of the black, indigenous and other global majority cultures that have built our own.

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‘Justice is not achievable‘ – This makes me less fearful to try for it.

Amy Northup
Intimacy Coordinator | Director | Consent Ed & Sexual Violence
Prevention in Film, TV & Nightlife 

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