Intimacy Coordination & Choreography

Justice Centered Intimacy Choreography x Chels Morgan

on Centering Justice

As a person with intersecting identities, I recognize that, in some spaces, verbal consent is not enough to ensure body autonomy and / or to uphold empowered boundaries.

My approach to intimacy choreography thrives in a vision of the work that includes, and yet goes far beyond consent-based practices, into the space of radical liberation. My goal is to bring authenticity to stories detailing complex racial dynamics, dis(ability), gender and sexual diversity, non-monogamy, BDSM / Kink, and sex work, amongst other specializations, and to do so while actively valuing the lived experience, access needs and immense talent of the performers who choose to give their bodyminds to the embodiment of these roles.

Intimacy Coordinators of Color

Intimacy Coordinators of Color, or ICOC, is an organization dedicated to  supporting and promoting decolonized intimacy education and inclusive hiring practices in the entertainment industry.  Intimacy Coordinators of Color plans to bring diversity to the field of intimacy work in theatre, film and television by offering quality consultancy, advocacy and equality for the Black, Indigenous and People of Color communities.

Intimacy Coordination for Film & Television

on Intimacy for Screen

The role of the Intimacy Coordinator for screen was created by the collective effort of individuals who were committed to ending the cycle of violence that had found its way into the culture of filmmaking.

As an Intimacy Coordinator for screen, I use my tools for trust building and consent-based, culturally competent performance practices and combine them with my background in directing, writing, cinematography, choreography and sexuality education to assist creatives in curating accurate and artistically beautiful depictions of eroticism and sexuality, as well as other forms of intimacy such as racialized intimacy, BDSM / Kink, medical intimacy, amongst others. My approach centers around serving the storytelling of creative projects, creating visually stunning imagery and advocating for the body autonomy of the performers donating their bodies and minds to the work.

If you’d like to learn more about my work in Intimacy Coordination, check out my bio (and my incredible collaborators) at Intimacy Coordinators of Color.

Intimacy Direction for Live Performance

on Intimacy for Stage

The role of the Intimacy Director (or Choreographer) for stage is one that requires a slightly different set of skills than the role for film. It requires the ability to curate long-term, accountable spaces that curate bravery, communication and continued consent check ins. Additionally, it creates a space where flexibility, choreographic alternatives, and repeatable actions are crucial, especially during the age of Covid-19.

As an Intimacy Director for stage, I focus on establishing environments where boundary check ins are a daily action, where access needs are repeatedly discussed and considered and where choreography not only serves the story but specifically serves the bodies and minds of the actors. Gathering and releasing exercises are employed to assist the actors in entering the space and in de-roleing and my services as an Intimacy Director often continue passed opening night as swings, actor swaps, and check ins find themselves necessary.

“… the beauty in which gay intimacy is portrayed surpasses mere aesthetics; these physical and emotional connections being represented are important, showing the vitality of the characters’ emotions while displaying gay love with pride.”

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