Philosophy & Goals of Sexuality Education

…as a sexuality professional, I work toward a goal that is not achievable. I strive for a vision for the future where conversations around sexuality are plentiful, where comprehensive, inclusive and pleasure-based sexuality education is accessible for all people of all ages, and where the erotic is revered in all of it’s forms. It’s a vision where humanity is gifted the experience of embracing themselves holistically, freed from the limitations caused by systemic erotophobia. In order to live in that vision, my work also acknowledges and centers the collective need to be free from the white supremacist systems that bind us to oppression.

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Please Kink Responsibly

This article addresses safety concerns in one of the most common Kink and BDSM practices, bondage and restraint, so as to curate risk-awareness for those interested in diving into the dark. This is an adaptation of an academic paper and included medicalized, academic language.

Aftercare and Compulsory Compassion

The Cure for “Post-Nut Clarity”. In this article, I explore why such low lows can follow such extreme highs and how important it is to integrate Aftercare and compassion into our daily lives.

Showing up for You

The art of loving yourself in your language. No matter your situation, whether you’re partnered or solo, you deserve to be loved in your language. This article serves as a guide to help you do just that, to incorporate your love language into your self care and to set your intention toward self love each and every day.