Trauma Responsive Workshop

Co-Facilitated with Nadia Maynard at Healing Joy Collective

Workshop Summary: This is a fully virtual, synchronous, 3-Part workshop that is designed to provide active and accountable tools designed to assist sexuality educators in holding trauma responsive educational space. The workshop is divided into 3 parts, each designed to be taken either in succession or as individual courses. The first session outlines our Trauma Responsive Framework, the second session dives deeper into the application of our principles into sexuality education spaces and the third session discusses transformative accountability practices for educators looking to hold accountable, trauma responsive spaces. The framework is guided by Healing Justice, Racial Justice, Intersectionality, Disability Justice and Transformative Justice.

Workshop Series Goal:
In this course, participants will examine our Trauma Responsive Principles in order to identify aspects of the framework that will assist them in holding space in a trauma responsive and healing-centered manner in the context of sex education.

Participants will achieve this goal through the following objectives:

Session 1 Objectives:
– Participants will be able to identify principles which are trauma responsive, and support the healing and resilience of learners in a sex education learning space.
– Participants will examine how these trauma responsive principles can support community, collective healing and learning in sex education.

Session 2 Objectives:
– Participants will explore/locate their relationship with power and boundaries.
– Participants will identify various mechanisms for implementing trauma responsive learning in developing a sex education course.
– Participants will synthesize ways to support trauma responsive practices in sex education learning spaces.

Session 3 Objectives:
– Participants will examine frameworks for accountability, coming to a working definition of transformative accountability.
– Participants will explore common trauma responses to accountability, reflecting on how these responses may show up for self and participants in a sex education learning space.
– Participants will identify multiple strategies which support accountability processes

Upcoming Workshop Dates:
2022 Workshop Dates will be announced soon.

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